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    I heard the news about TPT this morning, it seems to be related to the AIIB. What is this TPT?


    Sep 23, 2022
    3 thoughts on “I heard the news about TPT this morning, it seems to be related to the AIIB. What is this TPT?”
    1. There are 6 meanings

      1. Medicine noun
      TPT can be used in the treatment of all physical tumors, which is currently the best drug for ovarian cancer; Treatment of chronic leukocyte disease.
      Prixial nature: light yellow needle -shaped crystals or crystalline powder
      Adverse reactions: The tolerance and toxic characteristics of this product are good. Dose restricted toxicity, but it is not cumulative, and can be foreseeable and processed.
      The source: converted from Xixi alkali.

      2. The event
      Tencent Poker (TPT) is a domestic top poker sports event co -organized by Tencent Games and Tencent.
      On December 22, 2014, the first TPT came to an end at the Sheraton Hotel in Sanya. Nearly 200 players selected and invited by the "Tencent Tiantian Texas" game The bonus reward worth 2.2 million yuan and 2 billion game currency rewards. Among the contestants, there are elite representatives from all walks of life, and there are also masters of poker sports for a long time. Including the famous director Wang Jing, Wang Xiaoshan, a well -known media person, and famous gaming dolls, and Guo Dong, captain of the Tencent Tiantian Texas Team, attended all. After four days of fighting, the player Deng Jianwei from Hong Kong won the first Tencent Poker Championship.

      In 2015, the Tencent Hold'em Championship will sound the drum, and once again, you will meet in Sanya, Hainan, Hainan. From December 17th to December 22nd, 300 glory seats, 4.5 million bonuses worth RMB and 5 billion game currency, and the honorary title of the honorary team members of the Tencent Tiantian Texas, as well as the charming scenery and richness of Sanya Food, look forward to your arrival together.
      TPT2015 series of events do not have on -site registration. The contestants are composed of high -quality players and special invited guests selected by the online game platform "Tencent Tiantian Texas" (the mobile version and web version simultaneously). Every competitive poker sports enthusiasts have the opportunity to participate in the registration of the TPT2015 series. Through their own competitive spirit and competitive strength, they will obtain the final qualifications to eventually lead to TPT2015. All contestants can participate in any event for free to participate in any event held during the TPT2015 (only one type of competition at the same time). The tour ticket has a real -name system. Once verified, it is not allowed to exchange with other players or any offline transactions.
      TPT's innovative ticket system model and a comprehensive and detailed event service system have become another important milestone in the history of the development of the world.
      In winter is the peak season of Sanya, warm wind like spring, sunny beaches. TPT2015 luxury event is also a great opportunity for your travel life and enjoying the fun of competitive poker sports. We sincerely invite the enthusiasts of Athletic Poker to join the party together, and we jointly create a sports event belonging to poker!

      3. Energy material
      TPT polyfluorolyvinylene composite film
      The TPT used for solar battery components should have at least three layers of structure: outer protection layer PVF has good anti -environmental erosion capacity The middle layer has good insulation performance for the polyal film, and the inner PVF needs to have good adhesion performance through surface treatment and EVA. The TEDLAR for packaging must be kept clean and not stained with or moisture. Especially in the inner layer, you must not directly contact with your fingers, so as not to affect the adhesion strength of EVA.
      The back cover of the solar cell -fluoroplastic film is white, which is reflected on the sunlight. Therefore, the efficiency of the component is slightly improved. Because it has a high infrared emission rate, it can also reduce the working temperature of the component's working temperature It is also conducive to improving the efficiency of components. Of course, this fluoroplastic membrane first has basic requirements such as aging, corrosion resistance, insulation, and impermented by solar cell packaging materials.

      4. File suffix
      The file named TPT is a general temporary file. No matter what applications and platforms are used when creating a source document, it can retain any source documentation. Fonts, images, graphics and layout settings.
      usually appears more in TEMP temporary folders. This temporary file can be deleted.

      5. Abbreviation
      the Powder Toy
      TPT is the abbreviation of the physical sand table ThePowder Toy

      6. Test tools
      (Time Partition Testing Tool) r) nTPT is a model -based testing tool for embedded systems, especially software function testing for the control system. TPT supports all test processes: including test modeling, test execution, test evaluation, and test report generation.
      TPT software has greatly improved the software testing technology of the control system due to the Time Partition Testing. At the same time Customers' existing investment to achieve automated testing in various heterogeneous environments; for Matlab/Simulink/StateFlow, and TPT provides comprehensive support for model testing.
      TPT products have been rated as the best innovation software in Daimler in 2005, and in Daimler, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, GM and other components (such as Bosch, Mainland, Hai, Hai, Hai, Hai Latin) is widely used, such as the dynamic assembly of the hybrid vehicles of Daimler's hybrid vehicles, the test of the battery management controller, and the test of Bosch's gasoline and diesel engine control system. Beihui Information will help Chinese customers use TPT to improve the development efficiency of embedded control systems.

    2. TPP
      The Trans -Pacific Partnership Agreement (Trans -Pacific Agreement), also known as "Economic NATO", is currently an important international multilateral economic negotiation organization. Strategic Economic Agreement, P4). It was initiated by the four countries such as New Zealand, Singapore, Chile, and Brunei among the member states of the Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference. It has been brewing a set of multilateral relations since 2002. change.

      On October 5, 2015, the Pan -Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) finally obtained a substantial breakthrough, and 10 Pan -Pacific countries in the United States, Japan, and other pan -Pacific countries reached an agreement on TPP. The proportion of 12 participating countries accounted for 40%of the global economy.
      is the United States used to check and balance China after China ’s troubles in the South China Sea

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