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    Is there a 13th water game that can play on your mobile phone


    Sep 23, 2022

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    1. Thirteen Water Rules

      The brand game that prevails in the East and South China area. As the name suggests, 52 cards are divided into four cards, 13 cards each, three cards in the head pier, and then five cards each of the medium pier and bottom pier, which are more than the size after the arrangement and combination.

      The specific gameplay

      each player needs to divide the 13 cards on the hand into three brands. Zhang, the latter card type needs to be greater than or equal to the previous card type, otherwise it is pouring water. Those who pour water need to compensate the other three.

      is the first way to compare the card, and the big one is victorious; if it is the same brand, it is the largest than the number of cards held by the cards. At the same time, it is more than the second one. Based on this type, if all the same is the same.


      Thirteen Water> Thirteen Water> Reporting> Flush> Bomb> Hulk> Flowers> Sanzi> Two pairs> one pair of one pair > 5 Single> Pour water

      The basic scores of each water can refer to the shuttle.

      The scoring method is compared with the four players.

      1. Ordinary card type, each pier is 1 water;

      2. The family kills 3, doubled. Taking ordinary cards as an example, each one won 6 water.
      brand combination


      n card n

      roster thirteen water
      The brand types of the same flowers 1 to thirteen! This is the biggest brand! If there are thirteen water in the same flower in the family, if you meet a family, you will win with a color of the same flowers and loses the glory. Blint> Red Heart> Plum Blossom> Win 52 water per home, plus the killing, double, that is, winning 104 water per home.

      3 water
      has a card type with a number one to thirteen! Basically, the world is invincible! If there is a dragon when you meet another family, you will be the same as the situation. Win 26 water per family, plus 3 killing 3, double, that is, winning 52 water per home.

      The report
      1. Thirteen cards have 6 pairs and a single composition

      2. Sandun is a continuous combination of numbers, such as , "3, 4, 5", "5, 6, 7, 8, 9", "9, 10, J, Q, K"

      3. Sandun is a combination of the same color color
      is second only to 13 water, winning 3 water per home.

      The five consecutive cards in the same flower color. If there are also the same flowers in the family, the size of the same size is the same as the size of the brand. Blint> Red Heart> Plum Blossom> Block.
      In the bottom pier, press 5 water; in the middle pier, remember 10 water.

      Thenes in the five cards have four cards of the same level. If there are other homes, it is better than numbers.
      In the bottom pier, press 4 water; in the middle pier, remember 8 water.



      card n

      Zhang of the same number.
      Plan 3 water.

      The five of the gourds have three cards of the same number and two other cards of the same number. If you have this brand, you will have this brand, which is more than three numbers.
      1 water, put it in the middle 2 water

      five cards are any five cards in the same color color. If you encounter the same one, the largest one in this card, such as the same, and the second one, and push it according to the second one. If all the card types are the same, they will win with a variety of colors. Blint> Red Heart> Plum Blossom> Block.
      1 Water

      Five -card number continuous combination A, 2, 3, 4, 5, the smallest card. 10. J, Q, K, A are the largest cards. Blint> Red Heart> Plum Blossom> Block.
      1 Water

      is composed of three cards of the same number and two other cards. If the same card is encountered, the size of the three numbers.
      1 water; put the first word, use the "3 -pointed knife".

      The two pairs of
      The five cards in the card type are composed of two groups of two different numbers of the same number. If the same is the same, the largest pair in this card, if the same is the same, the second pair, the same is the same as the single card. Such as the same type, the same is the same as the large pair of colors of the sizhis, winning or losing, spades> red heart> plum blossoms> squares.
      1 Water

      The sub -
      The card type consists of two cards of the same number. If the home is the same, the size of the remaining cards is the same, such as the same type of the brand, the color of the pair is the same as the color of the pair.
      1 Water

      5 Single
      The group does not make any card type.
      pouring water
      The latter card type is less than the previous card type, that is, pour water
      lost 3 water per home (if the player has a big name, then press 4 players Three of the largest cards).

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