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    Need for Speed ​​Cheats


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. "Need for Speed: Underground Crazy Biao" official secret cheats
      Games.sina Sina Games

      started the game like usual, enter the cheating code below, enter the menu, then enter the sub -menu, and then return ( Press delete), and finally type the cheating mode you want:

      -unlock circuits

      -unlock sprint circuits
      n -unlock draw circuits

      -unlock petey pablo

      -unlock rob zombie

      -unlock mystikal
      119focus -unlock car

      893neon -UN1Ock Car
      n -unlock car
      n -unlock car n n n n n n 222LANCER -UNLOCK CAR

      922SENTRA -Unlock CAR

      334Mygolf -UNLOCK CAR

      777RX7 -UNLOCK CAR

      350350Z -Unlock CAR

      n 221miaata -UNLOCK CAR R r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r

      2000S2000 -UNLOCK CAR

      889Civic -UNLOCK CAR

      228Supra -Unlock CAR
      N 240240SX -UNLOCK CAR

      -unlock car

      239celica -Un1ock Car

      973rsx777 -unlock car
      n -



      n n
      Open the cars.ini file in the cars directory, and modify
      price = 10
      nfsprice = 10
      . This way you buy all the cars you buy only $ 10

      You can also modify the car.ini files in the directory of various models in this directory to change MASS parameters smaller.
      For example, you can modify .ini, change MASS to 100, and you can have a rocket car.

      The Speed ​​4: Plustering

      Start the game, click the "Credits" icon, and enter the next layer of the screen. ) Show the change to the photo display (Photos), and then keep using the mouse to click the photos that appear until it stops, and there will be a mini game called "Click the Photo". This is a game that tests your reactiveness, which is very interesting, and can retain your highest game record.
      The name of your name:
      Hotron Flash Phantom Cars
      Whirlly helicopter
      Bigoven Big Police Cars
      NFS_PD more police cars for more police cars
      Enter the following secret techniques in the game:
      ACAR prize.
      alltiers to open all Tiers
      BCAR prize cars
      Buy free buying car
      Cars to get all cars
      CCAR prizes
      DCOP awarded hot sports car n ECOP Awards thermal sports car
      FCOP Awards thermal sports car
      gates plus your money
      Gofast upgrade engine
      Madland opponents are superman.
      Monkey upgrade automatic
      transmuon to reduce the gravity of the earth
      TP # ( # 0)
      up0 no upgrades (career)
      up1 up1 1st Upgrade (Career)
      up2 2nd upgrade (career)
      up3 3rd upgrade (career)
      Money Dafa n is opened with a hexister editor. The Players.cdb file in the Speed ​​High StakessAVEDADADB "" changes the value to FF at the offset address 3E, and the value is changed to 55 at 3F. Then you already have (3.5 billion) US dollars.
      cars = get all the hidden cars
      tracks = get all the hidden tracks
      acar = hidden car type
      BCAR = hidden car type
      CCAR = hidden car car Species
      DCAR = Hidden police car
      ECAR = Hidden police cars
      FCAR = Hidden police car
      Gofast = Increase the speed of sports car (racing mode)
      monkey = improved automatic wavebox box Sex (racing mode)
      moon = reduce the heart absorption, the body is lighter (racing mode)
      Madland = super enemy (racing mode)
      buy = free purchase (career mode mode mode (career mode mode mode )
      up0 = not upgrade update
      RADES (career mode)
      up1 = first layer upgrade update (career mode)
      up2 = second layer upgrade update (career mode)
      up3 = third layer upgrade update (career mode)
      gates = increase cash (career model)
      allTiers = turn on all levels
      Outmyway = Effects
      resetya = Effects effect Unknown
      Enter TP00 to TP15 password = street car on the driving road
      If the secret skills are invalid, you can consider using this config.dat file, which may be useful.
      The speed table and map disappear on the screen
      Is when departure or the car is driving, press the △ key for about 2 seconds, the map and some other information of the speed table will disappear from the screen. If you want to recover, press for about 2 seconds.
      Choose music
      When the car is under driving, press and hold the L1 key. At this time, a small square frame will appear at the bottom left of the screen, which shows the track, the name, and the remaining time of the song. At the same time, this song will also be played.

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