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    What should I do if I feel tired of Sims 3?


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    What to do if my villain feels tired

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    1. Press True's second -generation commonly known as a large secret plan in Ctrl Shift C. After turning on, you can adjust the needs, which is to use the mouse to fill it with the mouse. After pressing Shift to select the mailbox, you can choose a citizen's career, lock -in demand, etc. Sims 3/SIMS3] Cheats/cheating codes in the game. First, use CTRL Shift C to turn on instruction input interface. Press the Enter or ESC button to close the instruction input interface. The following are some of the secret techniques that can be used in the game: Help: List all games that can be used in all games. Help u003CSecret Technology Name>: Display related information about specific secret techniques. quit: Leave the game. u003CUpper key>: View the secret techniques entered in this window last time. Resetsim "Simulation Life 3": In some cases, simulation life will be "stuck", and this secret technology can be used to make the simulation citizens return to normal. This secret technique may be treated a little after entering, and simulated citizens will appear. Example: Resetsim Gosmamel FPS [on | OFF]: Open or close the picture update message displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. [ON/OFF]: Removes the footprint restrictions of all objects in the purchase and building mode. When the object cannot move when it is used, this secret technology can remove the placement of hand -tier tools. This is known to cause the game content, path, hidden objects to cause and manipulate problems, and so on. Please note that using this secret technique will allow you to move and delete it under normal circumstances, but you cannot manipulate it like a citizen. If you delete these objects, you cannot restore them in any way, so please use it carefully! [true | false]: Allows to ignore objects, simulate life and other buildings on the terrain and adjust the terrain. Walls, floors and objects will move with the terrain, allowing you to create tilted walls and flooring ups and downs. However, setting a new wall and flooring will still make the adjusted terrain flat, and placing items still require flat flooring. [ON | OFF]: When you open it, press the ALT key to not put it, and you can move without the Qige line. It is usually used to furnish quite close objects, such as tables and chairs. [true/false]: Hide all the effects on the top of all simulated citizens, such as thinking about bubble icons and speaking bubbles. [On | OFF]: The effect of opening the object/into the enters. Not suitable for simulation citizens. u003CLevel>: Make the game's visual effects slowly play, enter the "level" value to adjust the option, the range of the level value is -0 = normal speed; 8 = the slowest speed. : Costs in creating simulated citizens can use various careers. You must first enter this secret technique and then enter the creation of simulated citizens. Kaching: Add 1,000 yuan analog coin to the family you choose: add 50,000 yuan analog coin on/off to the family you chose: Move the original items that cannot be moved/let items overlap [True/False]: Use "FALSE" to adjust it High or lower the height of the wall; it doesn't matter if there are objects or floors on the wall [On/OFF]: Use "ON", and after pressing the ALT key This secret plan appears in the list of secrets, but it does not cause any results, just for fun [on/off]: when the lens is approaching After turning on, you can adjust the requirements. After pressing Shift, click the mailbox to select the citizen's occupation, locking requirements, etc. FPS [ON/OFF]: Open or close the picture update rate of the screen displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. [ON/OFF]: Turn the game window into a full screen ... You can also adjust this adjustment in the starting game setting screen [On/OFF]: Display or hide dialogue and thought bubbles on the head of citizens: Enter the window in the secret score Show random joke Quit: directly turn off the game resetsim [first name] [Last name]: Let the citizens return home safely [0-8]: Let the citizens in the screen slow (but do not affect the time in the game in the game ) [On/OFF]: Use before entering the creative character mode. You can choose a variety of occupations and services NPC clothing []: Increase or reduce money for selected families
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    2. /Topics/15749/This URL Chinese Name: Simulation Life 2 English Name: The Sims 2 Alias: Klong version Resource Type: BIN Version: Original Mirror Release time: September 15, 2004 Production: EA Games Region: Mainland Language: Mainland Language: Mainland Language: Mainland Language: Mainland Language: Mainland Language: Mainland Language: Chinese, English profile: [Game introduction] (transferred from GameSpot Chinese Station) The "Simulation Life" series is said to have become the highest -selling computer game. Due to the types and excellent gameplay of the game and its expansion, this game and their expansion videos are obtained. The amazing success, it can even be said to be addictive. In "Sims 2", Maxis tries to tell us that the characters in the game will not be as simple as life, work, and communication. They also need to learn, remember, grow, and even die. Bring emotions into the game "Simulation Life 2" will appear rainbow to think about your own life: Do you think everything in this world is an exciting adventure? Will you feel bad because of hunger? Or do you feel that everything around you is tedious because of fatigue? You can add color to all your perception. It is one of our unique factors. Bringing the same scale to the goal of the design team in "Simulation Life 2". In the world of the game, emotions determine whether your role will work, whether you will chat, learn, work, or fall in love with other characters. Essence Whether you are a person in the game, you will be a reflection of your personality. Until now, those simulated characters live in "moment", because they have no memory of what happened in life, so they do not really feel about the surrounding environment. Memory characters can be affected by emotions, which is the key to "Simulation Life 2". If a simulated character accumulates many happy memories, it will have a better mood. On the contrary, if there are too many emotional burdens on his back, he will have a bad mood. Players can change them by arranging plots or work. Maxis spent a lot of events to make a memory related memory. For example, in the game, a simulated character will remember what he (or her) is abandoned by his lover, and another simulation character of the witness to this incident will remember this, and their friends will remember this matter. After the incident, the role of this lost love will still feel very sad, and a friend who heard the news will feel his pain by lighting his back comfort. However, when he (or she) saw the old lover had a new love, it seemed as if he had sprinkled a handful of salt on the wound, which was even more sad. Memory can not only affect the emotions of simulated characters, but also affect their personality and even life. In "Sims 2", each person's personality is unique. For example, introverted characters will have a daydream or talk with the plants indoors to meet his communication needs, and the outgoing character will continue to chat with others while working in the house. When emotions were displayed in "Sims 2", players began to believe that they needed to pay deep attention to these simulated characters, because these characters were also concerned about them. In the last few weeks of Maxis, these little guys will eventually wake up. This is really cool. The real living scene is in the original version of "Sims", and the residential area is just a simple area composed of 10 areas. This is far from meeting the requirements of the player. Therefore The range and quantity. "Sims 2" will provide players with a wider and abundant residential area. This setting is not just as simple as increasing size. It will also make the residential area more real and changeable. Players can change themselves according to their own wishes to change themselves. Living environment. When the player sees the game screen for the first time, it will definitely marvel at the true and gorgeous scenery of the building, the bustling street, the birds that shuttle between the clouds, the rainbow that spans the sky, and the sailing boat on the water, "" "Sims 2" attempts to create an environment that is close to real life, making the entire residential area more charming, which often makes you have to inquire here and reproduce. In "Simulation Life 2", the residential area will change over time. Players can experience the joy of family growth, or they can watch their children become a family. At the beginning of the game, players can choose an area as a place of residence. Of course, you can't live in the old forest in the mountains. The game does not agree that everyone becomes a ape Taishan, and then the player can choose a template to build your nest. If you are dissatisfied with your current status or surrounding neighbors, you can also choose to move. For example, if you look at a beautiful girl, if you want to keep a close contact with her, then the most convenient way is to become her. Neighbors. In addition to the construction, how to deal with daily interpersonal relationships, including family relationships, is another important part of "Simulation Life 2". The concept of the family contains more things. Players' every move will affect the life of family members, such as: Grandfather and grandmother will move to a smaller house in the suburbs after their children's families; after marriage, the members of the other family will also become part of your family system; after living independently, your father still expressed his hope that he can often be with you with you. Live one by one. In order to facilitate players to clarify these important interpersonal relationships, the game has added a "relationship" option to tell the player's close family members and friends. Social groups are also an important part of "Simulation Life 2". Players can build markets, popular stores, parks and other buildings, and buy food, daily necessities or new friends in these places. Of course, the complexity of this society group is complex. The degree is also completely set by players. You can build a small European -style village, a desolate area, and even a utopian social attention in the suburbs. There is also a need to download the original version of the simulation life 2 · 1 super fun. The following all personally tried the eDonkey download. Essence "The Sims 2" (The Sims 2) Original Mirror Note: All the expansion pieces or item packages before installation of the sequence number: BKul-CS68-J6AT-37y7-KX4F Lib.verycd/2004/09/15/======= =============================================================================================================================================================================================, simulate life Life (The Sims 2 🙂 Note: The expansion sequence number: R44C-HRNL-VUCT-8waz-U1G9 lib.verycd/2005/03/01/============== ==========================================================================================================================================================================================, simulation life 2: Nightlife) clone version note :资料片序列号:NJ99-FNBL-7DEV-6A24-QDEV lib.verycd/2005/09/14/ ========================= ======================== 《模拟人生2:欢乐假期》(The Sims 2:Christmas Party Pack)资料片注:物品包序列号: No lib.verycd/2005/11/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/14/17/======================================= =========== "Sims 2 Open for Business) expansion data clone version/cracked version Note: Positive PS: Two games installation versions, choose it to sequence No.: XVSA-24ug-G34W-NG32-YRLD Lib.verycd/2006/03/02/======================= ==================== 《模拟人生2:家庭娱乐》(The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff)资料片Clone版/破解版注:物品包PS: Two games installation versions, choose it to choose a serial number: F4EN-XDGJ-8HWJ-F8HV-MRLD Lib.verycd/2006/04/13/Attachment: Happy Family has no simplified Chinese yet, ea is lazy and does not make simplified Chinese Chinese. The translation of translation may also be because it is not intended to be released on the mainland ~~~ ============================ ============== "Sims Life 2: Happy Life" (The Sims 2 GLAMOUR LIFE Stuff) expansion paper Note: Item package PS: two games installation versions, choose it to choose a serial number: JZ3K-4ZQA-J9Q0-T0Y1-1911 lib.verycd/2006/08/27/====== ======================================================================================================================================================================================================================, simulate life of life宠物》(The Sims 2:Pets)资料片注:资料片序列号:bgew-6z4h-e4jk-nrwh-sdrk lib.verycd/2006/10/17/ ============= ==============================================================================================================================================s, happy holidays of holidays Holiday Stuff)资料片注:物品包序列号:不需要lib.verycd/2006/11/09/ ========================== ======================= 《模拟人生2:四季》(The Sims 2: Seasons)资料片破解版注:资料片序列号:WJPP- Juqx-p66F-K97G-ounl Lib.verycd/2007/02/28/28/========================== =============== "Sims 2: Sims 2: Stuff) expansion expansion cracked version Note: Item package sequence number: JWW6-SSJQ-5LAN-T5LA- SRLD Lib.verycd/2007/04/02/================================== ========== "The Sims 2 HM Fashion Stuff) expansion expansion data version/cracked version Note: Two game installation versions, choose it, just choose it. Serial number: F6B3-G84H-8UR3-D8R2-SZ9E Lib.verycd/2007/06/05/05/=========================== ==================== "The Sims 2 Bon Voyage) clone cracked version ISO Note: Perseve Install the version, choose it to choose a serial number: 5H8Q-NPee-CLF9- Dpyr-0htd lib.verycd/2007/09/05/============================ ============== The special SIMS version of the laptop "The Sims Life Stories) clone version number: 16SA-FY35-GTT8-8Lov-Eunl Lib.verycd/2007/02 / 07/ ========================================== == Added: Emule client download: /T95812 If there is a suffix in the download file as CUE, do not use virtual light to drive in. When loading the mirror image The CD of the suffix is ​​the image of BIN, which can continue to install "The Sims 2" (The Sims 2) The original "The Sims 2 🙂 expansion film" Sims 2: Sims 2:) "The Sims 2: Nightlife) expansion tablets are not yet easy to use CDs that are not easy to use. It is recommended to set up an original version a postproof expansion to have a good CD patch. Essence Reference materials

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