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    What stand -alone game is the most fun in 2008?


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    1. Spories

      game "Spories" Introduction

      production company: Maxis

      Gaming type: Simulation/strategy

      Olippayment date: Unknown

      In the game industry, "The Sims" This series of games A masterpiece, its main producer "Will Wright" is also a world -class figure. Now Will. Wright designed a game that attracts players- "SPORE" (spore) based on the original

      . Although there are many simulated ingredients in this game, it is different from "Simulation Life". At this year's E3 exhibition, one

      has recently announced some content. Recently, the EA Games game company has revealed a lot of new news. The following is a detailed introduction to this game.

      The process of gradual growth

      compared with the masterpieces such as "Sims" and "Simulation City", the scope of the game simulation of "SPORE" is more macro. For example, this work will gradually develop from a person and a city into a species. At the beginning of the game, players needed to gradually move forward from

      , and the single -cell creatures in billions of years ago were gradually developing. Over time, they evolved into multi -cell creatures, further developing brain function, and eventually generated cluster creatures. At this time, experience the process of life growth. This growth process is like the series of "Emperor

      ". From the primitive society, it has gradually evolved to the development of civilization now.

      In addition to the simulation ingredients, the game "SPORE" also has important strategic elements and simple editors. Players can control biological development civilizations here. If they like to fight, they can also conquer other planets with strong force. As for the game editor

      , it is convenient for players to design the game content according to their preferences. The design concept of this new work has been announced a few days ago. Its biggest feature is that players have developed from raising single -cell creatures and finally creating the entire interstellar civilization. In the process of system

      , the action components of the "Diablo" series of games were also drawn from the essence of the "Diablo" series of games, and the real -time strategic factors of the "Civilization" series of games.

      five evolutionary stages

      In the game "SPORE", the evolution of five different stages will be included. , Five development processes including urban stages and expansion phases.

      The game is just some single -cell creatures at the beginning. This is the first development stage of the game, called the "tide pond stage". At this stage, players have gradually developed from single -cell to various marine creatures. These creatures are very simple, and there are no wars here.

      The second stage is the "evolution stage". At this stage, it mainly emphasizes the fighting and growth of the character, and it feels similar to the action of "Diablo". Most of the marine creatures that have evolved here have gradually developed into ground creatures. After entering the dinosaur era until the most

      , this "evolutionary stage" was announced. There are some struggles between creatures, but no formal group operations are formed.

      The third stage is the "tribe stage". During this period, a large number of intelligent creatures appeared, and they had simple thinking, which could be combined into a small -scale tribe to develop. If the player has played the game "God is crazy", the real -time strategy here

      The game method is particularly similar to this game. Slowly, the tribes with small -scale groups have gradually developed into large -scale groups. These characters grow and develop to a stage. The system will automatically abandon individual control and become a new type of RTS game industry

      side comes to the common player operation.

      The fourth stage is the "urban stage". The game method at this stage is similar to the game "Simulation City" produced by Will Wright. In this level, it mainly emphasizes the development of urban construction and layout. People here are developed, and they can use the wisdom of high

      to make new inventions. The construction of the city is very prosperous, and the various items that people need have been dazzling and everything.

      The fifth stage is the "expansion stage". Its gameplay is similar to this series of games "Civilization". The main goal of this level is to conquer other civilizations. Due to the high development of human civilization, many enthusiasts with powerful strength began to engage in aggression

      , they explore or conquer the civilization of other planets in the universe. Players can also view other civilizations by scaling perspective, and finally conquer the entire planet through war or diplomatic means. After the entire planet was ruled, the vast cosmic aggression and expansion

      The civilization of other solar systems.

      The sweet music

      Will. Wright once introduced that when people's brain is highly developed, there will be a variety of high -level interest. For example, in terms of music, they will choose famous songs according to their needs. Good music will bring benefits to the ruling tribal thought to a certain extent, but this is a process of perception, and it cannot be seen on the surface. The tribe needs communication, and communication requires certain language and music. In order to enrich their tribal life, players can buy various combat weapons, unique gongs, drums and beautiful music, etc., or organize a camp fire party to find the greatest fun.

      "SPORE" This game is quite standardized, and the real sense is also very strong. For example, the game began to allow players to experience the initial environment of human formation, and enter the civilized stage to allow players to appreciate the outstanding war. In addition, compared with the design of traditional games, the design of "SPORE" is the opposite. Traditional games are always played in a certain frame, but the new game jumps out of this model. For example, when the player conquer the galaxy, it will become the master of everything. At this time, you can use your own way to deal with the remaining galaxies. This novel design not only has a unique form, but also allows players to freely use their imagination to create to meet everyone's wishes. The release time of this game has not been announced, but everyone will be able to taste and taste it after a period of time. : 🙂

    2. 1. Red Alert 3

      2008 has been more than half of it, but from the latest developments of the entire game industry, many of the high -profile computer game masterpieces are planned to be released at the end of the year, of which Including "Need for Speed ​​12: Polar Road God", "Red Alert 3" and so on. And according to the usual practice of the European and American gaming market, during Christmas, it is the peak period of the game's masterpiece. Therefore, players who are obsessed with computer games have reasons to put more expectations in the next few months.

      It as the "Need for Speed ​​Series" and "Red Alert" series mentioned earlier, the game that will be released in the next few months is mainly the continuation of classic games. At the same time, some games The rookie has also attracted the attention of many players. Today we will make a comprehensive preview of these upcoming computer game works. I hope you can find your favorite from it.

      "Red Alert 3"

      The red police series game works have great user groups in China. For those post -70s and post -80s players, their childhood It was almost accompanied by the Red Police Series. Even today, in many Internet cafes, you can still see that someone is still playing this game. Its classic is beyond doubt. This is why we first introduce this game today.

      "Red Alert 3" game cover

      "Red Alert 3" has a large number of game screenshots and game videos, and the latest trailer has also been on the Internet. It is popular, but it is not until October 28 that this game can be released in Taiwan. I believe that many players are already very virtue and can't wait. First of all, let's take a look at the latest trailer for "Red Alert 3".

      Them above media does not represent the point of view of this site
      The game story of "Red Alert 3" described after many years of war, the Allied forces finally won. The Russian army that shrank in the city of Kremlin decided to spend a paragraph and use experimental time travel devices. Task goal: Back to the past, he killed him before Einstein created the technology that led the Allies towards victory. After successfully completing the mission, the Russian army returned to modern times and found that the strength of the Allied forces did weaken a lot.

      . Before they had time to celebrate, they found that their actions created new threats and world power-mysterious, advanced technology of technology; Products of martial arts and robot culture.

      "Red Alert 3" fierce battle scene

      The classic sequel to the world's attention, "Red Alert 3" has a very gorgeous game interface, not just adopting it The full 3D model, and the gorgeous light and shadow effect makes the battle scene even more dazzling. New stories, new camps, new arms, and new weapons, "Red Alert 3" is indeed a very anticipated game.

      Editing comments: The classic instant strategy game that continues for many years. Although it cannot be classic as Blizzard's war3, the addition of many fresh elements and very gorgeous pictures are still worth looking forward to. At the same time, I believe that many players still have a lot of feelings for the Red Police Series.

      "Read Alert 3"
      game production: EA
      game type: instant strategy
      October 28, 2008 r r
      Expectation: ★★★★★

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      , the best speed of the pole car god
      n and nage The "Red Alert 3" introduced earlier is the same, and the "Need for Speed" series of games is also the favorite of many players. With the official release of the latest version of "Need for Speed ​​12: Polar Road God", this series has continued to develop 12 generations, which can be described as enduring. This game was developed by Black Box Studios. EA has been officially released. The specific release time is determined on November 18, corresponding to PC, PS3, PSP, Xbox360, Wii, NDS and mobile games.

      among many racing games, the "Need for Speed" series has always been known for its speed, excitement, and picture, and these features in the 11th generation of "Need for Speed" obviously have not been very good Performance, therefore the response is mediocre. EA said that the latest "Need for Speed ​​12: Polar Road God" will return to the classic style, so this work has also made many superb fans look forward to it for a long time.

      "Need for Speed ​​12: Polar Road God" game cover

      ea said that "Need for Speed ​​12" will reproduce the police bandits of life and bandits, the hottest racing car and the hottest Purpose of thrilling highway duel. EA CEO John also had high hopes for the work, claiming that it was much stronger than the previous work (street crackling): "I am convinced that the polar cars will be far beyond the streets.做得更好。”rnrn以上媒体不代表本站观点rnrn除此之外,EA还将投巨资为该作打造真人过场,给玩家带It's like being in a big screen. In this wonderful trailer, we see the sexy interpretation of the game spokesperson mixed beauty Magic Q.

      "Need for Speed ​​12: Polar Road God" game screenshot

      gorgeous picture, thrilling road pursuit, the coolest and most dazzling top car, I believe the majority of players have already Can't wait.

      Editor's comment: I believe that many players are disappointed with Need for Speed ​​11. Maybe it is because of this disappointment that everyone is full of expectations for "Need for Speed ​​12: Polar Road God" Expectation. This work returns to the classic features again, and players who want to experience speed and passion should not be missed.

      "Need for Speed ​​12: Polar Road God"
      game production: EA
      game type: racing
      November 18, 2008 r
      Expectation: ★★★★★

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      n n three, Grand Theft Speed ​​4
      n "Grand Theft Speed" series games It is loved by many players. At present, the latest version of "GTA4" has been available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms. For the majority of PC users, we can soon enjoy this classic game on the computer. The game will meet with PC players on November 18th and officially land on the PC platform, which is worth looking forward to.

      The is known that the PC version will be equipped with a new game video editor. Players can save the last 30 seconds of the game content, and can share with other players after editing and other post -processing. At the same time, the multiplayer model of the PC version will be fully upgraded, and a powerful server screening system will be added to make it easier for players to find the favorite scene. Let ’s take a look at the first batch of screenshots of the PC version of the PC version during the GC2008 exhibition:

      Editor -in -chief comments: a game that allows you to" do whatever you want ". This charm is deeply attracted. "GTA4" is about to be fully ported to the PC platform, which is a good news for the majority of PC gamers.

      "Grand Theft Speed ​​4"
      game production: Rockstar Games
      game type: action game
      November 18, 2008
      expectation level : ★★★★★

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      4. Call of Duty 5

      The success of almost all the awards and the TOP 1 throne. At present, it is reported that the fifth generation of the "Call of Duty" series will also meet with the majority of netizens during the year. "Call of Duty 5" will return to World War II, bringing players into the fierce and cruel Pacific War.

      The following is the latest game screenshot of the "Call of Duty: World at War" that returns to the Second World War. The Modern Warfare engine used in the previous work will make the war scenes in World War II more forceful.

      Editor's comment: The editor is actually worried about the latest game of "Call of Duty 5". The reason is simple. That is, the previous game is too classic, and the expectations of players are high. The new work returns to World War II themes, and game works of such subjects are everywhere. Therefore, if you think of excellence, it is not possible to not take out a must.

      "Call of Duty: World of War"
      game production: treyarch
      game type: first -person shooting
      November 2008
      looking forward to expectation Extent: ★★★★

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      5. The island shock 2

      It is called the world's first single -machine game, and even in the world's hardware professional media, "The Island Stunning" has become a standard game test project. The subsequent work "Angle Island Story 2" brings the player from the tropical rain forest, and the battlefield will be transferred to the African continent that conflicts and death.

      The player will play a special assault team member in "The Island Stunning 2", sneak into the mysterious African continent to assassinate the infamous arms dealer. The new work will adopt the DUNIA game engine developed by Montelier's own, which is characterized by the natural environment of the game that can express the game.

      "Angle Island Story 2"
      game production: ubisoft
      game type: first -person shooting
      Listing date: third quarter of 2008
      expectations: ★★★★

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      6. Biochemical crisis 5

      After the introduction of the game, the players have never left this game since the launch of the first generation of works and the world. The latest work "Resident Evil 5" is planned to be launched at the end of 2008 or early 2009. The currently tentative platforms are PS3 and PC.

      It as a new feature, "Resident Evil 5" will be initially refined to "frame" (1 second = 60 frames). In the game, there will be 1 frame to perform. In addition It is planned to add the online element to "Resident Evil 5".

      "Biochemical Crisis 5" Latest video:

      above media does not represent the point of view of this site

      Couple comments: classic game of PS platform, many players I feel that "Resident Evil" will taste after being transplanted to PC. In fact, this statement is not unreasonable. The new work will continue to be transplanted to the PC platform, but the current time is not sure, and I hope to become a classic again.

      "Biochemical Crisis 5"
      game production: CAPCOM
      game type: action adventure
      In the end of 2008 to early 2009
      expectation degree: ★ ★★★★

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      7. Prince of Persia 4: Rebirth
      n The protagonist and the new story setting, but the old players of the series do not have to worry about this, because the main members of this development team are still the veterans produced in the first three works of the series, including Persia Prince "Creative Director Jean Guyot.

      "Prince of Persia 4: Rebirth" has a rendering style of the past. And it is worth mentioning that in the new work, it will be a new prince, not the one in the previous works. Obviously, the game development company decides to cultivate a new face. However, this new prince also has an award order for the eaves. The new plan and release in September 2008 are not clear.

      Editor's comment: "Prince of Persia" to this day, it should indeed come out of some new things. In the new work, the game screen uses a fresh comic style, and the protagonist has been replaced new, but the stimulating thrilling action will continue to be staged.

      "Prince of Persia 4: Rebirth"
      game production: ubisoft Montreal
      game type: action adventure
      September 2008
      expectations level : ★★★★

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      eight, radiation 3

      The existence, even some players joked "If you don't know" Radiation ", you have not played RPG." After many years of changes, many people thought that "Radiation 3" was unlikely to continue to develop, but it turned out that those people's guess was wrong.

      bethesda Softworks announced at the end of last month that the highly anticipated "Radiation 3" will be released in the United States on October 28, and will move to Europe on October 31 three days later. "Radiation 3" was developed by Bethesda Game Studios, which has been produced in 2006's best game "Elder Scrolls 4: Anniosity". It spans the three major platforms of PC, X360 and PS3. It has won the E3 2008 Game Critics Award, so it is worthy of it. expect.

      The editor's comment: "Radiation 3" was developed by Bethesda Game Studios, which was produced in the best game "Elder Scrolls 4: Once" in 2006, so I hope to see more new elements in the new work. In addition to the huge improvement of the screen, the improvement of gameplay will be recognized by more old players.

      "Radiation 3"
      game production: fallout 3
      game type: RPG
      October 7, 2008
      Excessiveness: ★ ★★★

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      nine, ancient tomb shadow 8: Hell r
      "Tomb Raider 8: Hell" After the game background is set as the story of the previous work, Laura will start a new adventure journey of unprecedented adventure. The development of this game is to create a realistic and wild luxury visual feast. Players will experience a new adventure fun in a highly interactive scene.

      The interaction effect in the game has reached an amazing point. Not only can the role and the maximum interaction between the characters and the scene, but other factors such as scenes and weather changes will also occur from time to time. According to the news we have, this game will be released on November 16, 2008, and it is worth looking forward to the tomb fans.

      The editor's comment: The latter editors of "Tomb Raider" have not really played, it may be that there are many things that lack too many new ideas. But in the name of this game masterpiece, "Tomb Raider 8: Hell" is still a game that action players must not miss.

      "Tomb Raider 8: Hell"
      game production: Crystal dyanmics
      game type: action adventure
      November 16, 2008 r r
      expectations: ★★★★

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      ten, FIFA 2009
      n The latest "FIFA 2009" series of "FIFA" series is officially released, and it is expected to be officially released on October 14. Just like EA's other football games, "FIFA 2009" has completed a lot of promise progress. The most noticeable thing is that the game increases the player's response speed, passing, leakage, and even the body in the game against all the action rhythms as fast as the real game.

      The picture of the game is as impressive as ever. More realistic action performance has greatly promoted the overall quality of the game. Finally, the "Be A Pro" mode of "FIFA 2009" allows players to create their own professional football players, and you can cultivate him into a legend on the green field through a series of different events of 4 seasons.

      Editor's comment: The latest "FIFA 2009" has made great improvements in gameplay, so that players can experience more delicate and authentic game experience. If you want to cultivate a new star through the game, then the new game mode of "FIFA 2009" can make you do this.

      "FIFA 2009"
      game production: EA
      game type: sports competition
      October 14, 2008
      expectation degree: ★ ★★★

      This Conclusion: I believe that everyone will be surprised to find that in the next few months, there will be so many computer games in the next few months, which is really exciting. What is even more exciting is that almost all common game types are covered in the game introduced above. I believe that there must be game works you like very much. Of course, due to the limitations of space, we have not included some games. You may wish to talk about which game you are looking forward to in the comment column.

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    4. Music and leisure game "Summer Thunderstorm" 1. Following the rhythm of the music, Wuyun will drop lightning, please avoid lightning with the arrow keysn2. The game comes with 10 music, and you can add new songs by yourselfn3. Full Chinese interfacen ndownload link:nAnonymous extraction file connection pickup.mofile/nOr log in to Mofile, use the extraction code to extract file picture:n


    5. Seeing that the online dense online is the game ranking `` I think choosing a game and I like to like ``
      first I do n’t know what type of game you like `
      Simply introduce you a few games I think are more interesting ~ `
      Action class:
      Killer: Blood money This game is a one I like in the killer series` but it is very Difficult to fight ~ ``
      In Three Kingdoms Warriors 5 If the machine allows the machine, it is best to try `` Musou 5 changed the previous combat mode of Wushuang `` The picture improved greatly ``
      The game is very horrible and colorful. When you are alone at home, you play very much. `I have only played three` `` `` `` ”test. One is csay. The game is my favorite ~ ``
      The recommendation of interstellar hegemony and World of Warcraft `` Blizzard's game screen is very good. There are war hammers `` the latest expansion soul storm `also also has a Chinese version. `` The picture is good `` `The gameplay is also very strong.
      It is my favorite fighting game ``
      The King of Fighters ~ `` 恶 恶 x x x x x x `` `` Fatty camouflage `` Other garbage will not introduce you n These are the best in the fighting fighting `` `

      The casual game` `that is the chick series'`

      Is I can be satisfied with my answer ~ ` `

      -The above content must be written by the original pig that crosses the sky.

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